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Veda design was extablished in 2010 as a natural extension of our 15 year experience in furniture manufacturing. We found the company so that our clients could find everything needed for the through completion of the project.
We are offering you individual interior planning as well as completion of the design of: hotels, venues, restaurants, bars, shops, houses, apartments, offices and other.
Here you will find effective decisions based on the individual professional experience and the specific requirements of each client. We are your reliable partner ready to meet your demands and to work in the name of a successful cooperation.

Design and 3D visualization With our help and through technological aid you will have a complete and aesthetically constructed mediator meeting your requirements. For your satisfaction we offer you the design and project of a building from the town construction requirements and pre project research to interior, and any project services.
3D visualization is an inseparable part of any architecture design. With it you are able to save considerable resources and time and to see exactly how your project will look like. We have a highly qualified team of professionals that works on the design of the interiors of residential and public buildings. Our aim is to reach a high standard in all design phases - from inception to the completion.

Wall and floor covers We have through knowledge of wall and floor products, thus we have the opportunity to aesthetically and functionally match them with the other elements – furniture, curtains, pillows, lamps, accessories and decorations. We are going to impress you with our original suggestions as well as we will be able to offer you an analogical project from the completed ones. Wall paper The wall papers we can offer you are suitable for different interior decisions. We can decorate with them complete rooms as well as smaller spaces where you would like to only accent. Depending on the project we are going to offer you suggestions of the most suitable designs. Carpet There are many carpet variations – from substance, structure and class to color, design and material. Carpets are widely used in offices and hotels, corridors and conference halls. They provide a suitable environment for work as they isolate noise. They also come with the necessary certificates. They have long life span and are resistant to furniture wheels Floor covers The new and very attractive floor covers are very avant-garde, suitable for any space as they are the latest fashion trend. They can be seen in gyms, offices and other that require long life span, anti slippery, prevents easy falls and is easy to clean. Laminate parquet This floor’s popularity grew fast in the recent years, thanks many factors. The laminate parquet is hardest floor compared to other floor covers, dents are less frequent and resists to stains. It is also very easy to maintain. It is cheaper and quicker to install than most floor covers. It has much better price and quality. Natural three layered parquet We are offering natural three layered parquet. In case you are looking for higher comfort and luxury then this parquet is the right choice. The high quality of the three layered parquet combine many characteristics that make it a better choice than any other massive project.

Furniture Veda design specializes in the manufacturing of furniture and the design of individual projects in the hotel and restaurant industry. Core furniture, tables, chairs, soft furnishings.
Wall covers, pillars.

We use modern materials and technologies in the production of furniture

In the world of deadlines, our flexible team allows us to deliver the furniture with excellent quality and according to the arranged conditions. The coordination and assembling of the furniture is done by our team of professionals in short time and with high quality

Textile Textile is an important piece of the interior that requires special attention. It is also one of the very first thing that is seen when entering a room.
It is difficult to list all benefits of having textile products – they bring unique coziness and warmth in every room, add style and luxury, influence the mood, block the light and the most important – bring individuality, uniqueness and aesthetics. We use mostly cotton, linen, silk, wool as well as unique materials of hand weaved thread. Curtains, table cloths, accessories. We offer professional manufacturing of your design with materials by leading manufacturers from Spain, Turkey, Australia and Switzerland. Bed sheets, covers, pillows, spring bed protectors. For your project we offer production of complete set of bed sheets – sheet, cover, pillow covers, pillow and bed wrap. The pillows are produced of excellent materials.
The blankets come in different sizes and are manufactured with 100% Egyptian cotton. Our products are soft and delicate with the skin and add comfort with the 100% cotton or satin materials.
The mattress protector brings additional comfort while sleeping and prevents folding of the sheets or slippery surface. It protects the mattress from surface damages and dirt. It stretches the life span of the mattress as well. Towel products Led by the necessities of hotels to offer their guests comfort and perfect neatness we offer you towels, bath robes and accessories made of 100% cotton or in combination with polyester. We offer the opportunity to add to the originality of your design by engraving or embroidering logos and other inscriptions. Apart from the more conventional inscription methods we offer you the transfer printing which offers unlimited colors, shades and forms. For this method we use our best product, the towels Doubleface made of cotton/microfibre and that provide softness.

Offers and deliveries of mattresses Veda design is a corporate client to leading mattress manufacturers and importing companies – ‘Mattresses TED’ and ‘Magniflex’. The mattresses are eco friendly and correspond to the hygiene standards for safety and are produced with new ecological materials that don’t harm the environment. Choosing a mattress is choosing the place you would spend 1/3 of your life so think of it as an investment in your health, rest and comfort. The comfort of your bed depends mainly on the quality of the mattress. The good sleep and peaceful rest of the guests of your hotel are your main competitive advantage.

Offers and deliveries of tiles, sanitary materials and products Veda design in corporate client of leading tile import companies and manufacturers such as ‘Martinelli’, ‘Top Group’, ‘Hickovi’ and other. The offered products combine design, practical use and unique decisions for every home, office, hotel. The spectrum of offered products include both more pretentious, luxurious products as well as quality products at more accessible prices. Some of the most prominent manufacturers in Bulgaria and Europe are our partners, which helps us to be constantly up to date with the innovations in the industry and new materials for the design.

Design and delivery of light bodies The choice of lighting has never been more challenging when it comes to sanctify space and combine them with the interior. We pride ourselves on quality products and our chosen few suppliers. Develop a variety of designs for lighting of buildings, residential and hotel rooms. With the present author's success and unique decorative lighting fixtures designed with professionalism and attention to individual client's taste. The proposed range corresponds to different demand and cost of all European inquiries for quality and standard.

Aesthetic touches To turn your home, office, shop or hotel into a place with unique atmosphere we use paintings, mirrors in frames and other accessories to decorate them with. When choosing paintings for a given venue we take into consideration its design as well as what is its purpose. The first thing we take into account is the color of the walls and the interior - whether to go with each other or to be in contrast. We look into the predominant color of the paintings as well, if they are brighter and more noticeable it is more likely for you to get tired of them.

Artist observation The artist observation is a guarantee that everything that is being projected will be completed. It includes monitoring the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process according to the technical parameters of the interior project. We take full responsibility for the project to be done as it is agreed upon on paper, i.e. whatever we projected to be realized. To achieve that we control the work of those working on the project. The client receives full technical description of the project based on which we conduct our observation – schemes, materials, colors, models, specifications and other.

Benefits of complete projecting services:

  • unified standard for artistic context and constant control over the process from the project to the realization
  • responsibility for the completion of the project
  • provision of tight organization and flexible approach
  • constant communication between project designer, investor and project conductor that leads to efficient and effective process and the following erection of the building

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